Real estate audit (2nd neutral opinion)

The purchase of real estate is one of the most important decisions we must make in our lives.

We are specialized, having a team of professionals (architects, economists, auditors) to be able to give you a second opinion on the property or farm you want to buy or sell, based on economic and financial criteria, in order to prepare the report relevant to your needs.

Real estate management

It specializes exclusively in procedures related to real estate.

We do not manage other types of procedures to provide a quality service specialized in this sector.

The purchase and sale of a property involves a series of legal and tax procedures that are inevitable, managing them efficiently and with the appropriate knowledge so as not to have serious consequences in the future.

You can request advice from our experts to be carefully informed about everything necessary to avoid surprises after the operation.

Management of rustic and urban heritage administration and urban planning advice.

Real estate intermediation service.

Opening and construction licenses. Certificate of occupancy. Declaration of new construction. Energy Certificates.
Information, necessary documents and request for this need
Horizontal division
Division of one, into two or more properties.
Domain Files
Registration of properties not previously registered.
Extension of work
Declaration and regularization of the housing meters expanded through construction and on agricultural properties
Separation of two or more properties
Municipal capital gains
Payment processing, deferrals and deferred payments.
Attachments and debts
Release of embargoes and negotiation of debts.
Judicial proceedings
All types of legal processes
Notary Acts
All types of notarial acts. Signatures and procedures
Signature of powers and special authorizations.
Notary contracts and procedures
We advise you how to prepare contracts and present notarial documents.
Registration in the property registry
Changes in the property registry
Claims and Complementaries
Response and defense against claims and sanctions from the public administration
Study and request all possible bonuses and savings
Tax deferrals and extensions
All types of taxes depending on the case to be treated.
Inheritances and Wills
Processing and documentation related to your inheritance and your will.
We advise you on its advantages and disadvantages

We have lawyers and economists of recognized prestige and experience

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